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By working with auto repair shops and service centers, we have created SLR-series machines that are free of any defects. Each of our works is the result of careful analysis, creativity and constant rehearsal.

Namotto CyberFlow P

Turbocharger calibration device

TurboWash Basic 80

Cabin pressure washer
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DPF cleanX

DPF filter cleaning fluid

Why work
with Motsler?

We are designers and practitioners specializing in the automotive industry. Our passion is machine building. In 2017, we were probably the first in Poland to build a machine to clean DPF filters and deal with their regeneration. We have experience in this, as we have been in this business for 6 years, and during this time we have gathered a lot of information from customers interested in buying and those who already own such machines. On this basis, we are constantly improving them by ensuring quality, reliability and trouble-free operation.

Therefore, as part of our cooperation, we offer



Knowledge and experience – this is what sets us apart. We do not leave the customer without support after purchasing the machine. We help and solve problems. You can always count on Us



We offer support and advice on choosing the right machine. We will advise on what machine to choose, why it is the right decision, and how it will meet your needs.


24 hours a day

We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by phone and around the clock via email, WhatsApp, Signal or Messenger.



We invite you to Rzeszow for a free presentation of the machine. This is a very important step before purchase because we show how the machine works on a daily basis during regeneration



In addition, each customer receives post-warranty service, promotions on subsequent machines and access to spare parts at attractive prices.


High bonuses
for referrals

We offer high commissions for referring us to another customer. Earn together with us.

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