DPF filter cleaning machine

Motsler SLR TRUCK is an economical and energy-efficient machine designed for professional cleaning of DPF/FAP/GPF/SCR/DOC/EURO6 filters and catalytic converters. It is the largest machine in our lineup, primarily designed for large filters from trucks, buses, and construction machinery, but it can also handle smaller filters from cars and vans. The device is entirely made of stainless steel and constructed with high-quality components sourced from European manufacturers. It features an enlarged multi-stage filtration system, highly efficient drying, singe wire system, and precise Differential Measurement System.


Device dimensions [mm]2805 / 1225 / 2381
Chamber dimensions [mm]2045 / 1080 / 1290
Construction of the machineStainless steel
Power supply3x400V 50Hz
Max Power18kW
Optimal power11kw
Overcurrent protection32A
Power cable5x4mm2
Tank capacity400 L
Pump Capacity250 l/min
Hose diameter2″ DN50
Water supply1/2″ Quick coupling
Water drain2″ DN50
Pneumatic power supply1/2″ Quick coupling DN7.2
Drying temperature80 – 120°C
Water temperature10 – 50°C
Maximum airflow (drying)950 m3/h
Air pressure (drying)360 mbar
Drying and cleaning3-stage two-way manual
Pollution measurementOn dry and wet DPF filter
Filtration250 – 1 mikron
Filter insertsReusable preliminary – 1szt
Main – 4szt
Number of regeneration cycles per filterok 120 cycles
Noise level< 70db
Minimum ambient temperature3°C
Declaration of conformityWE, CE
Alarms– Low liquid level
– Open doors
– Low liquid temperature
– High machine temperature
Protections– Protection against automatic machine startup
– Protection against machine overheating
– Air turbine protection
– Water pump protection

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